“Coaches and managers will never be replaced by computers, but computers will be able to help. They will help in ways we’ve never ever seen before.”


  •  “Searching for a unique soccer style”, 2014 KDD Workshop on Large-Scale Sports Analytics [pdf]
  • More information in wirde_logo
  • Sports Analytics Group at Qatar Foundation [link]


  • MIT Technology Review: How Network Theory Is Revealing Previously Unknown Patterns in Sports link -The Economist: A different ball game link
  • BBC: FC Barcelona: The science behind their success link
  • New Scientist: AI football manager knows how different teams play the game link
  • Lexpress: Le big data explique comment l’équipe de foot de Barcelone gagne ses matchs link
  • PhysicsToday, News Picks : Network analysis reveals difference in soccer styles link
  • NyTeknik: FC Barcelonas spelstil unik link
  • Slate: Le FC Barcelone a bien un style de jeu unique en Europe: ces graphiques le prouvent link
  • BigData: Fútbol y Data Mining link
  • TechGraphs: Scientists Use Passing Data to Explain Barcelona’s Prowess link
  • El Confidencial: La teoría de redes desvela los secretos del tiki-taka link

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