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In addition order dapoxetine 90 mg with amex, the responses to mus- erties of intrafusal muscle fibres can distort spindle cle stretch or to tendon percussion do not change discharge and must be considered when interpret- in relaxed muscle when subjects perform reinforce- ing unexpected changes in spindle discharge buy generic dapoxetine 30mg, reflex ment manoeuvres, are provided with alerting stim- behaviour or perception. Critique of the tests to study fusimotor drive Microneurography Effects of cutaneous afferents on fusimotor neurones Conclusions about fusimotor activity from record- ings of muscle spindle discharge are valid only Evidenceforreflexactivationof motoneuroneshas if all disturbances to the spindle are rigidly con- been found for human lower limb muscles, but only trolled, and this is rarely possible in human subjects; when subjects were standing without support. In the relaxed forearm extensor muscles, alargersample;themovementrepertoirethatcanbe such reflexes may be active even at rest. There may studied is quite limited; the technique is traumatic be some background d drive to the resting forearm and technically demanding. However, an effective discharge cannot be gener- ated without discharging motoneurones and pro- Effects of voluntary effort on fusimotor drive ducing EMG activity in the test muscle. This afferent inflow has an overall When applied transversely to a muscle tendon of an autogenetic excitatory effect at spinal level and con- intact subject, vibration is usually not selective for tributestomaintainingthefiringof motoneurones. Themajorityofhumanprimaryendingsrespond dominantly for spindles in the contracting muscle. It vigorously to tendon vibration, though often at sub- hasalimitedroleincompensatingformusclefatigue. Most cutaneous (iii) The efficacy of drive in activating spindle mechanoreceptors respond to vibration, and it is endings depends on whether the contraction pro- probable that Ruffini endings in joints do so as well. Shortening Like any mechanical stimulus, vibration of a tendon (asinaconcentriccontraction)unloadsspindleend- will spread widely through bone, exciting receptors ings,andanincreaseinspindledischargeoccursonly in skin, muscles, fascia and joints remote from the inslowcontractionsorwhengreatereffortisrequired site of vibration. There will probably drive can enhance the spindle response to vibration, be little increase in spindle feedback from the con- butthecontractionitselfmayunloadtheendingand tracting muscle in unloaded rapid shortening move- thereby decrease the spindle discharge. Stretching a con- tracting muscle (an eccentric contraction) greatly Motor tasks and physiological enhances any fusimotor effect on spindle discharge. Performance of the Jendrassik manoeuvre poten- (iv) The exact role of the fusimotor system in nor- tiates tendon jerks in uninvolved non-contracting mal motor control remains speculative. However, it muscles, but there is now cogent evidence that this is possible that the -driven feedback from muscle is not due to widespread activation of d motoneu- spindles plays an important role in learning motor rones. References 145 Changes in fusimotor activity in patients REFERENCES There are cogent arguments against the view that Al-Falahe,N. Roleofthehumanfusimo- fusimotor dysfunction drives motor disturbances, torsysteminamotoradaptationtask. JournalofPhysiology but the database of spindle recordings from patients (London), 401, 77–95. Response profiles of human muscle afferents during active finger movements. Reflex changes for spindle afferents from triceps surae and the fore- inmusclespindledischargeduringavoluntarycontraction. Reflexactivationofmusclespindlesinhuman independent of the level of drive. Behavior of human muscle receptors when reliant activation drives the next clonic contraction. Journal of suggests that spinal proprioceptive reflexes do not Neurophysiology, 64, 661–70. Muscle spindle feedback during spa- There are, as yet, no published reports of recordings tially oriented movements. Experimental Brain Research, from spindle endings in patients with spinal spas- 134, 301–10. Journal of Physiology (London), 180, group II muscle afferents, contributes to the reflex 649–72. Afferent tobedominatedbymusclespindleactivityandsome andefferentactivationofhumanmusclereceptorsinvolved single-unit recordings during parkinsonian tremor. Experimental Neurol- These have revealed no evidence of selective or dis- ogy, 41, 754–68. JournalofNeurology,Neurosurgery but the question needs to be addressed quantita- and Psychiatry, 37, 1012–21. The activity of human muscle spindle endings ings from identified afferents. In International Review of Phys- ing tremor, spindle discharge occurs in two phases: iology,vol. Criticalexaminationofthecasefororagainstfusimo- stretched, a pattern similar to that seen with volun- tor involvement in disorders of muscle tone. The responses of human muscle spindle endings to ism of monosynaptic reflex reinforcement during Jendras- vibration during isometric contraction.

While separate stimulation of each nerve has little effect (b) dapoxetine 30 mg mastercard, inhibition appears on combined stimulation order dapoxetine 30mg visa. The dashed vertical line indicates the onset of the peak of homonymous Ia excitation. Note the lack of suppression in the initial bins of the median group I excitation. This phenomenon is analogous to the post- tude of the test reflex is the same as in the control activationdepressionatthesynapseoftheIafibreon situation). In contrast, at wrist level, the amount of the motoneurone (Chapter 2,pp. Accordingly, radial-induced inhibition of the FCR H reflex is not increasing the frequency of stimulation drastically modified when the frequency of the stimulation is decreases the amount of reciprocal Ia inhibition of increased (Lamy et al. Accordingly, it Mutual inhibition may have been appropriate to treat this disynaptic Radial-induced reciprocal inhibition of the FCR H non-reciprocal group I inhibition in Chapter 6 (Ib reflexisdepressedbyaprecedinggroupIvolleytothe pathways). Symmetrically, the median-induced inhi- tothisinhibitionbetweenwristmuscles,erroneously bition of the ECR H reflex is depressed by a pre- attributed (including by one of the authors of this ceding radial Ia volley. This is the reason unreasonably at the time, as due to the mutual inhi- for its inclusion in the present chapter. However, bition between opposite Ia interneurones described because the organisation of the spinal circuitry at in the cat (see p. Ia inhibitory interneurones are facilitated by low- threshold cutaneous afferents in the cat (cf. A cutaneous stimulus to the superfi- bition at ankle level is completely abolished whereas cial peroneal nerve at the ankle, without effect on radial-induced reciprocal inhibition of the FCR is the soleus H reflex by itself, was shown to increase preserved, although weak and somewhat delayed the deep peroneal-induced reciprocal Ia inhibition (J. The central delay of this is reminiscent of the findings for non-reciprocal effect was estimated at 1–3 ms. The smaller the group I inhibition, which is not significantly mod- extent of reciprocal Ia inhibition in the control situ- ified in these patients (Floeter et al. The disappearance of the cutaneous-induced facilitation when the recip- rocalIainhibitionisprofoundcouldbeduetoocclu- Conclusions sion in Ia interneurones and is further evidence The absence of recurrent inhibition of the interneu- for convergence of Ia and cutaneous inputs on Ia rones mediating the inhibition between flexors and interneurones. The functional significance of this Organisation and pattern of connections 215 (b) (a) (c) Fig. Cutaneous facilitation of peroneal-induced reciprocal Ia inhibition of the soleus H reflex. Reciprocal Ia inhibition of soleus motoneu- Ia inhibition rones is increased with respect to rest in this phase of gait (Petersen, Morita & Nielsen, 1999;pp. Data from two subjects, in whom the conditioning stimulus strength to CPN was varied from 0. Thisprobablyresultsfrom Ia inhibition occlusion between the two inputs at the Ia interneu- rones (Fig. The find- The effects of TMS on the deep-peroneal-induced ing that occlusion occurs at weak levels of recip- reciprocal inhibition of the soleus H reflex have been rocal Ia inhibition (reducing the control reflex by investigatedbyKudina,Ashby&Downes(1993). Pro- ∼20%) implies that the population of Ia interneu- vided that the conditioning stimuli did not modify ronesisrapidlysaturated. Thismayberelevanttothe the H reflex when delivered separately, the domi- modest amount of reciprocal Ia inhibition to soleus nant effect on combined stimulation was extra inhi- motoneurones often found in healthy subjects (see bition over and above that expected from the sum p. Further evidence for corticospinal facilitation of tibialis anterior-coupled Ia interneurones has been provided by Nielsen et al. Vestibulospinal facilitation of reciprocal (1993), who showed that corticospinal inhibition of Ia inhibition thesoleusHreflex:(i)ismediatedbytibialisanterior- coupled Ia interneurones, (ii) is potently facilitated Stimulation of the vestibular apparatus produces during voluntary ankle dorsiflexion and, accord- facilitation of reciprocal Ia inhibition from tibialis ingly,(iii)hasasimilarthresholdastheshort-latency anterior to soleus in two situations: (i) static back- (presumably monosynaptic) corticospinal facilita- ward tilt (from 80 to 40◦)ofthe subject fixed to a tilt- tion of tibialis anterior motoneurones. Here again, ing chair (Rossi, Mazzocchio & Scarpini, 1988), and the greater the amount of reciprocal Ia inhibition in (ii) galvanic stimulation of vestibular afferents, pro- the control situation, the smaller the extra inhibition ducing a forward sway (Iles & Pisini, 1992a). This has Motor tasks – physiological implications 217 been interpreted as resulting from disinhibition of afferent feedback is arriving at the spinal cord. Notwithstanding, when the peripheral input implications is blocked by ischaemia, a significant inhibition of the soleus H reflex persists 100 ms after the onset Data on the effects of movement on true reciprocal of contraction (Fig.

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In general order dapoxetine 60 mg with visa, the λ in equation (5) can either be interpreted as The interpretation of the results of RCTs should j the average of the within-Group j therapist explicitly acknowledge this fact buy discount dapoxetine 60mg on line. As well as effects or as an effect of therapy j –that very carefully defining both the treatment and is, the two interpretations are equivalent. It is particularly pressing trials, and in the formulation of any subsequent clinical guidelines based upon the results of when different therapists carry out each of the 29 these trials. That is, it implies that 306 TEXTBOOK OF CLINICAL TRIALS a given form of treatment has a greater effect on methodologically sound work in this area. Crits- Christoph and Gladis13 comment that two of the some patients than it does on others; that the receipt of psychotherapy A will be more beneficial for largestrandomisedclinicaltrialseverundertakento Mr Smith than the receipt of psychotherapy B, evaluatepsychotherapies(althoughnotspecifically for example, but that B might be better than A for depression) failed to provide much support for specified patient – treatment interactions. Mr Smith has a particular attribute (presenting symptoms, clinical or family history, for example) that indicates therapy A. Mrs Jones, ESTIMATION OF CAUSAL EFFECTS on the other hand, has characteristics that indicate IN AN RCT WITH PATIENT CHOICE therapy B. In terms of statistical modelling simplicity, assume that all of the 100 patients (analysis of variance, or covariance, for example) allocated to routine care receive exactly that (they it will provide an example of a treatment group do not have access to counselling unless they by patient attribute interaction, where the attribute have been allocated to that treatment arm of the could be one of a potentially vast range of measures trial). Of the 100 patients offered counselling, made on the patients at or prior to randomisation. A fixed time Supposed examples of such interactions are rarely interval after randomisation (six months, say) convincing. More frequently their are to be estimated from the differences between existence has been based on an invalid analysis. One should always remember that valid The estimate of the ITT effect is both simple inferences from an RCT involve comparison of and familiar. Results of a hypothetical trial of coun- of attribute C should be clearly specified in the trial selling protocol, together with a prior estimate of the size of the proposed interaction. The sample size for the T = t T = c trial should then be determined such that there is Improved Total Improved Total sufficient power to detect this interaction through the use of an appropriate statistical significance Comply 60 70 Do not comply 10 30 test. One good candidate for attribute C might Overall 70 100 50 100 be patient preference,31 but there is little, if any, DEPRESSION 307 group is 0. The difference (the refuse the offer of counselling whether or not they ACE for being offered counselling) is 0. The readers who prefer NTT (the reciprocal of the offer, in itself, is not beneficial. But what about estimating the tion of potential compliers in the control group. The estimated num- two commonly used, but invalid, methods of ber of non-compliers in the control group is 30 analysis–analysis per protocol or analysis as and the number of compliers is 70. There is also the correct (correctness, of Assumption 2 allows us to estimate the propor- course, being vitally dependent on the validity tion (number) of patients who improve amongst of a few key assumptions) but much less famil- the non-compliers in the control group. In our iar estimator – the complier average causal effect example the number of patients who improve in (CACE). Now, there were a total of 50 selling group who actually receive counselling patients who were observed to improve in the with that in the control group (i. So, the proportion compares outcome in those patients who receive of patients improving in the counselling group counselling with that in those who do not receive amongst those who actually receive counselling is it (all patients are included in this analysis). The CACE to interpret them as a causal effect in the sense estimator is the difference between these two of comparing potential outcomes on the same proportions, 60/70 − 40/70(= 0. The estimated effects are merely associations, Note that in the above example the potential subject to confounding. And association, as you compliers did better than the non-compliers, all know, does not imply causality! This is not unexpected and not of the difference between the outcome in the too difficult to rationalise. The results of a the offered counselling) with that which would second hypothetical trial are shown in Table 19. Results of a second hypothetical trial of Assumption 1: the proportion of patients who counselling are potential compliers is the same in the two randomly allocated groups. Improved Total Improved Total Assumption 2: the proportion of potential non- compliers who improve is independent of treat- Comply 35 70 Do not comply 15 30 ment allocation.

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People know they have the ability to make changes at the work level and show the trends associated with them buy 90mg dapoxetine visa. He demonstrates his commitment to quality by join- ing clinical staff on rounds in the ICU on a frequent order 30 mg dapoxetine otc, yet purposefully irreg- ular, basis. Bringing in expertise from the outside has strengthened our approach and our commitment. The project in this section provides evi- dence of the power of complete redesign of healthcare by addressing multiple parts of the healthcare system and using the six IOM dimensions of qual- ity as a measuring stick. CareSouth, which serves 20,000 South Carolina patients in six loca- tions, is a heavy hitter when it comes to improvement work, determined to make significant improvements in office practice in all six categories of aim identified by IOM, plus an additional category of equal importance to the organization. As one of the first participants in the Health Disparities Collaborative, run jointly by IHI and the federal Bureau of Primary Health Care, which provides significant funding for CareSouth and other similar clinics throughout the nation, CareSouth focused on improving access to quality care for patients with diabetes, asthma, and depression. The results inspired Lewis to lead her organiza- tion into further improvement efforts. But I learned that every percentage drop in HbA1c represents a 13 percent drop in mortality, and that got my attention. And I would go to group visits where patients with diabetes were practically in tears with gratitude about how much our new approach to care was help- ing them. The knowledge is there—we know how to make people healthy and how to make care acces- sible. Staff chose to add one more category, vitality, a measure of staff morale. Effectiveness Goal: Asthma patients will have an average of 10 or more symptom-free days out of 14. Action: The experience that CareSouth staff had already gained in chronic care management through the Health Disparities Collaborative gave them the tools they needed to improve effectiveness of care. Wagner, a general internist/epidemiologist, is the director of Improving Chronic Illness Care and of the Seattle-based MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation at the Center for Health Studies, Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound. Patient Safety Goal: 100 percent of all medication lists will be updated at every visit (see Figure 1. Action: Patients have a hard time remembering what medications they are taking, especially when they take several, says Lewis. Patients told us that it would help if they had something to bring them in. So we had very nice cloth med- ication bags made for everyone on three meds or more. They have our logo on them, and a reminder to bring their medications to each visit. Patient Centeredness Goal: 80 percent of self-management goals set by patients will be met (see Figure 1. Action: One of the biggest challenges the healthcare system faces is to help patients meet their own goals, says Lewis. Action: Working to increase patient time with clinicians and decrease non- value-added time has been challenging for the CareSouth staff, but they Healthcare Quality and the Patient 15 FIGURE 1. Patients like group visits, time with the nurse as well as the doctor, and opportu- nities for health education, so the CareSouth staff is working to organize the delivery system accordingly. Timeliness Goal: The third next available appointment shall be in zero days (see Figure 1. Action: Staff began by combing the schedule for opportunities for more efficient care management of patients, in particular looking for ways to reduce unnecessary follow-up visits, substituting telephone follow-up when appropriate. Equity Goal: There shall be zero disparity by race for each key effectiveness meas- ure (see Figure 1. Action: With a patient population that is 69 percent non-white, CareSouth takes equity very seriously. Actions: Organizations such as CareSouth that take on improvement work in multiple categories find that considerable overlap exists in those areas. Lewis says that all the improvements in efficiency and effectiveness are improving staff morale and firing everyone up about the potential for even greater changes. She has seen a lot of changes in healthcare, and in her own health center, in her years as executive director.

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