Pablo Rodriguez (PhD Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2000; MSc King´s College, London) is the CEO of Telefonica Alpha, Telefonica´s long term disruptive research unit to solve social problems through technology (Moonshots). Prior he led Telefonica´s corporate research lab and incubator. He has also worked in several Silicon Valley startups and corporations such as Inktomi, Microsoft Research, Bell-Labs, and as a faculty at Columbia University. At Microsoft Research he helped re-architect the Windows Updates system to distribute security patches to millions using P2P networks. At Telefonica he launched Telefonica´s Content Delivery Network to more than 40M viewers.
In 2009, he co-founded the Data Transparency Lab to drive data privacy and transparency. He is on the advisory board of Akamai, EPFL, the Catalan Foundation for Research, LaBoral Art Center, Microsoft Innovation Program, and IMDEA Networks. Pablo´s current interests are privacy and personal data, re-thinking the Internet ecosystem and network economics. He also works with chef Ferran Adria (El Bulli) on computational gastronomy and with the F.C. Barcelona applying network science to soccer.  He received the “Prix de la Recherche” for research excellence in France (2000), has keynoted at WIRED and TEDx, and is an IEEE Fellow and ACM Fellow.

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  • Advisory Board: Swiss Federal Institut of Technology, Computer Science Department, 2014
  • Advisory Board: Akamai Technologies Innovation Board, 2014-
  • Advisory Board: Calatan Foundation for Research and Innovation, Trustee board member, 2014-
  • Advisory Board: LaBoral Art Center, Trustee board member, 2013-
  • Advisory Board: Scientific Council of IMDEA Networks, 2011
  • Advisor: Legal patent advisor, Madson & Metcalf, USA
  • National Science Foundation: Future Internet design planning committee, NSF 2007-2008.
  • Award: Distinguished Alumni, Public University of Navarra, 2016
  • Award: IEEE Fellow, 2015
  • Award: ACM Fellow, 2015
  • Award: Telefonica Bravo award for best innovation practices (lean startup), 2013
  • Award: City Hall Gold Award: recognition to scientific career, Ayuntamiento de Langreo, Asturias, 2007
  • Award: Best Product idea: Inktomi, 2000
  • Award:Prix de la Recherche: For outstanding Ph.D. Thesis. France, 2000
  • Award:Marie Curie Fellow: European Commission, 1998.
  • CEO: Head of long term research and innovation (Moonshots), Telefonica Alpha. 2016
  • Innovation Director: Telefonica. 2011-2016
  • Founding Scientific Director: Telefonica Research. 2006-2016
  • Co-Founder: Data Transparency Lab. 2013-
  • Scientific Advisor: F.C. Barcelona soccer club. Soccer, big data and science, Barcelona. 2011
  • Scientific Advisor: El Bulli Foundation. computational gastronomy. Barcelona, 2011-
  • Scientist: Microsoft Research, Cambridge 2002-2006
  • Adjunct Professor: Columbia University, NYC. 2010-2012
  • Senior Scientist, Tahoe Networks. CA, 2001
  • Scientist, Bell Laboratories. NJ, 2001-2002
  • Senior Scientist, Inktomi. CA, 2000
  • Steering Committee: IEEE/HotWeb, 2006-2015
  • General Chair: ACM/SIGCOMM 2009
  • General Chair: 2020 Networking Summit
  • Associate Editor: IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) 2006-2009
  • Area Editor: ACM Computer Communications Review SIGCOMM/CCR, 2006-2008
  • Editor: IEEE/JSAC special issue on P2P streaming 2007
  • TPC Chair: ACM/SIGCOMM’08 workshop on Social Networks WOSN (WA)
  • TPC Chair: ACM/SIGCOMM’07 workshop on P2P-TV (Japan).
  • TPC Workshop Chair: for P2P streaming and IPTV, SIGCOMM’06 (Pisa).
  • TPC Chair: 2nd Student Workshop at INFOCOM/2006 (Barcelona).
  • TPC Chair: 2006 IEEE/Global Internet (in conjunction with INFOCOM/2006)
  • TPC Chair: 10th Workshop on Web Content Caching and Distribution, 2005
  • TPC member: WWW 2015, NetMob 2015, IMC 2014, IMC 2013, Hotnets 2012, SIGCOMM 2012, MOBISYS 2012, HotMobile 2012, FOCI 2011, IMC 2011, MOBISYS 2011, SIGCOMM 2010, HotMobile 2011, SIGCOMM 2009, NSDI 2008, IPTPS 2010, IPTPS 2009, WOSN 2008, 2009, IMC 2007, 2008, CONEXT 2007, 2008, Nossdav 2007, HotWeb 2006, 2008, Workshop on Web Content Caching and Distribution 2003, 2004, 2005, World Wide Web Conference 2005, 2006, 2010, IEEE/Infocom 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, IEEE/WiTMeMo 2005-2006, IEEE/Global Internet Symposium 2005, 2006, WiOpt 2005
  • Keynote: “Re-architecting the Internet”, IEEE/Infocom 2013
  • Keynote: ACM/Internet Measurement Conference, IMC, 2013
  • Keynote: Terena, 2013
  • Keynote: LeWeb, 2013
  • Keynote: Network Science, 2013
  • Keynote: Microsoft´s Innovation Outreach Program, 2013
  • Keynote: IEEE/P2P conference, 2012
  • Keynote: FICOD, 2012
  • Keynote: 40th anniversary of the Internet: IFIP keynote with the fathers on the internet (Cerf, Pouzin) during the TC6 IFIP  jubilee celebration, presented as the “young revolutionaire” along side the “gurus”
  • Keynote: LADIS, 2010
  • Keynote: World Wide Web Conference’09
  • Keynote: Future of the Internet, 2009
  • Speaker: MIT/EmTech, 2015
  • Speaker: WIRED, 2014
  • Speaker: TEDx, 2014
  • Speaker: Computational Gastronomy, Royal Society, UK. 2014
  • Speaker: Bankinter Foundation, Future Trends Forum, 2014.
  • Speaker: ICC, Big Data, Madrid, 2014
  • Speaker: MIT EmTech, 2013
  • Speaker: TEDx, 2012
  • Speaker: BDigital Global Congress, 2012
  • Speaker: Smart City World Congress, 2012
  • Speaker: GastroTech Days, 2011
  • Speaker: Google TechTalk, Mountain View. 2011
  • Speaker: Microsoft Research Speaker series, 2010
  • Speaker: Distinguished speakers series, University of California, 200

Pablo is the CEO of Telefonica Alpha, leading Telefonica´s long term research and innovation efforts (Moonshots). With over 15 years of experience, Pablo has worked in several Silicon Valley startups (Inktomi, the world´s largest search engine before Google; and Tahoe Networks, building the first routers for mobile networks).

He joined Microsoft Research in Cambridge in 2012, where he re-designed the Microsoft’s Windows Update to deliver security patches using peer-to-peer to more than 300 million computers (to be released as part of Windows 10). Prior to that, he worked at Bell-Labs in New Jersey where he developed highly engineered algorithms to accelerate Web performance over cellular networks which have been adopted world wide.

At Telefonica he launched its Video Content Delivery Network, which is now deployed over more than 100 data centers spread, 13 countries, and 40M subscribers, and streamed the London Olympics and Champions League in Europe and Latin America.

From 2010 to 2012 he was an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University (New York) at the department of computer science. Pablo received his PhD in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and an MSc in Computational physics from King´s College, London.

As a result of his work, Pablo has more than 150 scientific publications and 30 patents, which are widely recognized and referenced. He received numerous international awards for his work, including the IMC/ACM and WWW best paper award, and the “Prix de la Recherche” for innovation excellence in France.  He has keynoted alongside the Internet pioneers regarding Future Internet architectures and has been a speaker at WIRED and various TEDx events.

He is on the advisory board of Akamai, EPFL, the Catalan Foundation for Research, LaBoral Art Center, and IMDEA Networks and co-founded the Data Transparency Lab. In his current position, he is working on privacy and personal data, re-thinking the Internet ecosystem and the Web economics. He also works with chef Ferran Adria (El Bulli) on computational gastronomy and with the F.C. Barcelona applying big data science to soccer. At his core, Pablo is an activist and a peer-progressive.

Pablo is an IEEE Fellow and an ACM Fellow.

He was born in Asturias, a beautiful region in the north of Spain.

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