Pablo Rodriguez

I have always loved to bridge unusual fields, including networks, data science, and other areas that required leading innovation. Leadership and strategy in soccer games has been one, working with F.C. Barcelona technical team (including the legendary Paco Seirulo) to design new soccer game tactics using data science and AI. More at Soccer Science Lab.

Image: Àlex Caparrós - FCB

with F.C. Barcelona president (Sandro Rosell), and F.C. Barcelona chief of innovation (Didac Lee).


“Coaches and managers will never be replaced by computers, but computers will be able to help. They will help in ways we’ve never ever seen before.”


  • “Searching for a unique soccer style”, 2014 KDD Workshop on Large-Scale Sports Analytics [pdf]
  • More information in wirde_logo
  • Sports Analytics Group at Qatar Foundation [link]
  • MIT Technology Review: How Network Theory Is Revealing Previously Unknown Patterns in Sports link -The Economist: A different ball game link
  • BBC: FC Barcelona: The science behind their success link
  • New Scientist: AI football manager knows how different teams play the game link
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  • TechGraphs: Scientists Use Passing Data to Explain Barcelona’s Prowess link
  • El Confidencial: La teoría de redes desvela los secretos del tiki-taka link

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